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Jerry Cutler On Film —Desperately Seeking The Venue And Being Disappointed by Jenifer Lawrence

Posted: Friday, March 2, 2018 – 2:37 PM

I was looking forward to seeing Red Sparrow as my favorite actress, Jennifer Lawrence, was starring in my favorite kind of movie—action, intrigue, suspense.

The 3 p.m. s creening was at the Blakeley Theatre on the 20th Century-Fox lot. I had been to many screenings on the Fox premises, but never at the new Blakeley. When we–my wife and I–arrived at the gate the guard dutifully inspected the name on my driver’s license that corresponded to my reservation. My wife inquired as to the whereabouts of the theatre. He said: “It’s in the middle” and waved us through as  other cars  were waiting to enter. My wife, who was driving, asked “In the middle of what?” as we moved forward out of the guard’s hearing. The time was 2:55 p.m., enough time to park and be in time for the opening credits as they usually give reviewers like me 10 minutes grace time before starting the movie. (It’s a Jewish thing).

We found a parking space, ran down the stairs and asked someone who was working on the lot where the Blakeley was. He didn’t know. Trying to give him an enlightened hint, we said: “We were told it was in the middle.” “In the middle of what?” 

We then proceeded to ask every Fox employee we saw where the theatre was. Their response was the same: “In the middle of what?” We even approached one guy who told us that actually, we were at Warner Brothers. We ran into an office at one of the stages and they told us to wait there as they called around. It was now 3:20 p.m. My wife and I decided to split  up and call one another on the cell phone when one of us located the theatre. As soon as she was out of sight, I remembered that we left the cell phones in the car. I mean, why do we need cell phones while watching a movie?

My wife, who shouts the loudest, must have stopped every action scene on the Fox sound stages as she yelled: “I found it.”

I followed the sound of her voice as it was still reverberating, asking “Where are you?” She answered: “In there middle.” It was then I wanted to leave her and go home, but she had the keys to the car.

I finally saw her holding the door to The Blakeley Screening Room. We found two seats. Mine was on the lap of some grouchy guy. I apologized and explained it was dark. He said he’d noticed. I sat in the unoccupied seat next to him and had no idea what was happening on the screen. I will say this. The action was very exciting. Ms. Lawrence was, as usual, alluring and her acting, powerful.

However, being a figurehead in the #MeToo movement, I thought that in this stage of her career she didn’t have to resort to actions unbecoming a star of her stature; that she didn’t have to cater to the salaciousness of profits to get the effect of a domineering presence. Her stark and startling nudity can only embolden those, and statistics have shown that there are many, who are sexting behind their parents back bringing our nation’s morals to a lower level of promiscuity.

We can only hope that her misguided departure to debauchery on the screen to stress the power of women has had its moment and that her brilliant and riveting acting comes to the surface in her next movie.  

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