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Beverly Hills News – Coffee and Croissants Anyone? Walk with the Mayor Monday

One of the earliest Walks with the Mayor in 2014

Posted: Sunday, March 4, 2018 – 1:09 PM

By Victoria Talbot

The sun-drenched, rain-washed streets of the City of Beverly Hills join with Mayor Lili Bosse Monday to invite the community to Walk with the Mayor to visit some outstanding culinary treasures just in time for a healthy breakfast – Israeli-style – and some of the smoothest coffee in town. This week, Walk with the Mayor will visit Aharon Coffee and Tarte Tatin Bakery & Cafe.

This week, walkers will have the flavors of the world at their feet – with just a few healthy steps with Mayor Bosse.

Walkers will be treated to the aroma and finesse of Aharon Coffee, where coffee is fresh-roasted and blended every day. Never burned, always the “right” roast for the bean, Aharon seeks “the highest flavor potential for the bean.” At Aharon, coffees from different and distinct regions are roasted to perfection to create blends that tease out the best of the brew, from regions such as Colombia, Panama, Ethiopia, Kenya, Costa Rica, Brazil, El Salvador, and Guatemala. Each morning these roasts are reflected in blends and single-origin coffees, in cold brew and nitrogen-infused versions, and pour overs, French press and – even Turkish-style coffee. The tea is pretty special, too!

Beverly Hills is a small but very cosmopolitan city, that attracts people from all over the world. Businesses that reflect global cultures and flavors bring a unique sense that the world’s crossroads can meet right here, over coffee or an omelette, in the heart of Beverly Hills.

Such is Tarte Tatin.

The menu features fresh and nutritious ingredients expertly translated into memorable Mediterranean inspired dishes, with influences from Israel, Tunisia, Romania, France, and more.  Head chef Kobi Tobiano studied culinary arts in Paris, Geneva, and Tel Aviv, bringing  his unique take on taste to Tarte Tatin. 

Walk with the Mayor is an internationally-recognized feature of Mayor Lili Bosse’s Beverly Hills Healthy City initiative, promoting healthy minds, bodies and souls – and businesses – in the City of Beverly Hills. Every step is another step in the direction of better health, and bringing community together in a casual walk with Beverly Hills’ mayor and council members, key members of the City’s staff, residents and the business community, the result is a happy fusion of synergy that makes the sum much greater than its parts. 

Walk with the Mayor is every Monday with Mayor Bosse, and everyone is invited to join! Just meet at the Crescent steps of City Hall – by way of the south entrance during Oscar weeks, and wear comfortable shoes.

If you are one of those who has said that you would like to do it one day – your time is short! There are only three walks with Mayor Bosse left before a new Mayor takes the helm. This is your chance to try it! Take advantage of this singular opportunity to meet and greet with the City’s highest elected official, discover neighbors and businesses and add to your overall health in the process. Its fun!

“Monday is my favorite day of the week,” says Mayor Bosse!


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