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George Christy Talks About The Academy Awards, Jimmy Kimmel, Vanity Fair and more!

Angela Bassett during the 2018 Vanity Fair Oscar Party hosted by Radhika Jones at The Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts

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Mother Nature was kind to the 90th Academy Awards last Sunday.  The rain stopped. 

Wasn’t the Oscars scenic design at the Dolby Theatre one for the ages!  With those Oscars created from 45 million Swarovski crystals!

Best Actor Gary Oldman delivered a loving tribute to his “99-years-young” mom. Endearingly moving – “Put the kettle on, Mom.”

Thrilled we were to see Eva Marie Saint presenting the Best Costume Designer Award to Mark Bridges for Phantom Threads.  Regally gowned and simply coiffed, Eva Marie is a class act.  She recalled losing her beloved director husband Jeffrey Hayden last year, and realizing with a sweet offhand remark that she’s now older than the Oscars at age 91.   Would that more of us had her savoir faire. 

Remembering, as she did, starring opposite Marlon Brando in the historic On The Waterfront where she wore a blue coat.  And the costumes chosen in North By Northwest, starring opposite Cary Grant in the Alfred Hitchcock thriller.

She expressed high praise for the film’s costume designer Edith Head, a decades-long trooper whose legend precedes her in the annals of Hollywood history as the costume designer of major films.  An Oscar winner, of course.  

Like him or not, Jimmy Boy Kimmel, in his second year of hosting the Oscarcast, apparently is apoplectic about  promoting his political agenda.   He can’t resist kicking  the ass of the Oval Office.  

We hear ….we hear …  that Jimmy Boy, who never fails to kick ass during his nightly talk show monologue, is coached by none other than  Mistah Chuck Schumer, leader of the Dems. 

The longest-ever Oscarcast, as it was, plunged to an all-time lowest rating ever, only 26.5 million viewers.  

We also hear the Vanity Fair post-Oscar party, hosted by Radhika Jones, at The Wallis  flourished with fashionistas.  And that former editor Graydon Carter, sipping Pernod on-the-rocks in the South of France, was missed.

Numerous insiders are miffed for being knocked off the dinner list and invited only to the drinks party later and for In N’ Out Burgers.     After-dinner guests in France are known as the “toothpicks.”  A put down? Go figure.  

Graydon claimed that hosting the event is nothing more than being a maitre d’ hotel in a dining room, greeting and farewelling guests.

The young and the beautiful paraded through town, popping in and out of parties. Hosted by Jay-Z, Madonna, and Jimmy Boy Kimmel too.

And who knows?  Maybe, in the here and there, some happy go lucky boozers were making out.

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