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Beverly Hills News – Saving One Dog, One Cat at a Time; Walk for the Animals with the Mayor

Posted: Sunday, March 11, 2018 – 1:02 PM

By Victoria Talbot

Animals in need – that is the theme of this week’s Walk with the Mayor, as Beverly Hills Mayor Lili Bosse will be visiting two great destinations where cats and dogs are center-stage – our beloved Amanda Foundation and Pet Food Express!

This time, Walk with the Mayor is showcasing one of our most vulnerable populations – the pet population of abandoned and stray animals. The health of a community can be measured in part, by the compassion we have for animals, and Beverly Hills has a solid gold reputation for supporting animal welfare. 

The Amanda Foundation is an amazing organization that facilitates adoptions, rescues and medical care for homeless dogs and cats and has Dr. Shipp’s Animal Hospital right in Beverly Hills. Their Spaymobile, a mobile veterinary unit, takes spay/neuter and veterinarian services to underserved communities where it is most needed, to help control the population of stray animals – where the problems begin.

Over 3 million animals were euthanized in our shelters last year, each sweet soul a loving potential… But those numbers can be reduced, one animal at a time, by bringing spay and neuter services to areas where they need them the most. Every dog and cat has the potential to produce scores of offspring that become tragic statistics. While there are many organizations that pull adoptable dogs and cats from the shelters and offer them for adoption, few of these actually have facilities to perform free spay and neuter surgery. That, and the low-cost veterinary services to keep pets in their homes, is what sets the Amanda Foundation apart. 

Last year alone, the Amanda Foundation Spaymobile performed 7,000 surgeries, If only half of these dogs and cats had one litter of six, that’s over 21,000 puppies and kittens saved. The only way to prevent unwanted pets from becoming homeless and ending their lives euthanized in shelters is to prevent them from breeding. 

Dr. Shipp’s Animal Hospital is a full-service veterinary facility, performing surgery, dentistry, acupuncture, and ultrasound. Their team of talented doctors lovingly care for your pets, and every visit helps to support the animal rescue and the Spaymobile. 

For over 30 years, the Amanda Foundation has been rescuing pets from city and county shelters, providing a save haven for animals when the shelters reach capacity, and providing medical service to animals in need.

And that is where Pet Food Express comes in! 

Pet Food Express is a full-service pet center, offering the finest quality pet food and supplies. Every one of their stores has a “buy three, get one free” policy, and partners with local rescue organizations to provide adoption events. Our Beverly Hills location has a 5-star luxury cat house in partnership with the Amanda Foundation. Since they opened three years ago, the store has hosted the Amanda Foundation Felines in a cozy cattery where potential adopters can visit their fuzzy feline friends every day, in addition to frequent adoption events.

They also host doggie-adoption events in their doggie play area, offering potential adopters the chance to hang out with their pet partners in a casual, safe, indoor arena. 

Since 1986, Pet Food Express has been partnering with communities and offering the best in pet care and food options at competitive prices, and contributing whole-heartedly to animal welfare causes. In addition to sponsoring adoption events, they offer low-cost vaccinations and dog training events at the store. They have a state-of-the-art Self-Service Dog Wash that is unmatched. Their return policy is exceptional. They offer affordable basic vet care for de-worming, ID chips, flea/tick prevention and more, 

Everyone is invited to volunteer, donate or participate with the pets. It is a heartwarming experience. And everyone is invited to join the incredible Mayor Lili Bosse on her second-to-the-last Walk with the Mayor Monday, at 8:30 a.m. on the Crescent steps of City Hall. Wear comfortable walking shoes and get ready to have an adventure! Walk with the Mayor is part of Mayor Bosse’s Beverly Hills Healthy City initiative.

Mayor Bosse says, “Monday is my favorite day of the week!” If you have been promising yourself to try it, now is the time!



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