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Frances Allen’s Desert Roundup—On The Rancho Mirage Real Estate Puzzle And Major Hotel Renovations

Michael Childers

Posted: Monday, April 9, 2018 – 2:05 PM

Picture a gigantic jigsaw puzzle, only the tiles are parcels of real-estate properties, not colored cardboard pieces.

One piece of the Rancho Mirage real estate puzzle, recently put into play, is a square-mile of previously untouched and unused land, now owned 40 percent by local resident Peter Solomon and 60 percent by Canadian real estate interests. It also is catty-corner to reservation-land interests owned by the Agua Caliente Band of Mission Indians, who have seen the start of a 1,000-plus Sun City development across the street from the casino’s main entrance.

Plans for the new $70 million purchase have still not been made public, but you can take your money across the street to the casino. The Indians, once again, have shown that location is everything.

 • • • • •

The season is about over and you want to do some “renovations.” If you’re the JW Marriott Desert & Spa in Palm Desert, you want to refurnish all of the hotel’s 884 guests-rooms and all the public places. The cost is estimated at $50 million and will take two years to complete.

However, the hotel will not close nor will the little boats, which take you to and from various places on the property, stop puttering. The property covers 450 acres and features two golf courses and swimming pools.

So there will still be a lot of to-and-flowing.

 • • • • •

The Palm Springs Art Museum’s spring lecture series presents a unique opportunity to learn what made the 1960’s so special, and there is no one more involved in that era than Michael Childers.

Childers, the award-winning photographer of the hedonistic ‘60s, will share his experiences of those turbulent times on Tuesday, April 16 at the Annenberg Theater from 10 a.m. to noon, and speak about his work and experiences with celebrities ranging from Mae West to Paul Newman, to David Hockney and Andy Warhol.

Be prepared, and surprised.



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