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George Christy Talks About Pie n’ Burger, Wendy Goldberg, The Colleagues Spring Luncheon

Pie ‘n Burger was the star of the garden party that Wendy and Leonard Goldberg hosted for their grandchildren’s friends. Michael Osborn is the owner of the popular diner in Pasadena, where the youthful of all ages visit to chow down on Michael’s delicious items. Stephanie Kinley supervised the Goldberg event, with Wendy Goldberg praising her “outstanding service.”

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Pie ’n Burger conquered the exuberant crowd in Wendy and Leonard Goldberg’s garden in Beverly Hills.

The Goldbergs invited their grandchildren’s friends for birthday treats, with Pasadena’s famous Pie ’n Burger diner staff on hand to create favorite menus that the youngsters cheered about.

Hambugers, along with cheese, turkey, veggie burgers and French fries.

Also: Caesar salad and fresh fruit, milkshakes, and pies, pies, pies.  From cherry to boysenberry to banana cream.  Chocolate and rainbow cakes and a towering vanilla cake.

All were devoured.  

Wendy shared high praise for Pie ’n Burger’s Stephanie Kinley for flawlessly supervising the fete champetere.

Dating back to 1963, Pie ’n Burger, located at California Boulevard just off South Lake in Pasadena, remains in its original location.  

With recipes, products and methods used in preparing the award-winning food that has never changed, and most likely never will.

Owner Michael Osborn became a devotee as a 9 year-old soon after the opening.  Not only did he love the burgers, he was nuts about the strawberry pie.  

As a USC student, he loved working at Pie ’n Burger, and stayed.  Ultimately buying into the very successful business.  

“The burger here is pure California: a quarter-pound of fresh beef, grill-cooked and served on a toasted white squishy bun with American cheese, lettuce, onion, pickles, and Thousand Island dressing,” writes online burger enthusiast Nick Solares.

“The dressing is made in-house from a recipe provided from the Kraft company in the 1960s.  Pie ’n Burger goes through more than 100 pounds of dressing every week.  That’s an awful lot of burgers, even if one gets a hefty smear of the tangy sauce.

“The burger is a wondrous experience,” he continues.  “Perfectly balanced textures from the compliance of the bun, the snap and the crunch from the pickles and the generous helping of lettuce, and the beef exhibiting both crunch from the charred exterior and the ethereally buttery tenderness from the inner flesh of the fresh ground chuck.  

“A burger that’s harmonious in every regard.”

Besides the selection of 36 pies and 5 cakes, classic breakfast, lunch and dinner items are popular on the menu as well, and at remarkably fair prices.

Are you ready Pie ’n Burger?  Here we come!


Washington DC. 1990.  The Kennedy Center Honors.

President George H.W. Bush was on a mission abroad without First Lady Barbara Bush, who joined us.  

At the White House reception before the main event at the Kennedy Center, we visited with Katharine Hepburn, among the honorees that included Dizzy Gillespie, Billy Wilder, Rise Stevens, Jule Styne.  

We had heard that Katharine Hepburn had completed another book, and we asked what it was about.  Her previous memoir about the The filming of The African Queen with Humphrey Bogart was a winner.

“This book’s is full of memories” she said,  “Plenty of them … so many, in fact, that I could easily write a follow up edition”.

“Is there a title?”

“What else?  Me!”

As we were departing the White House reception, Barbara Bush came to us, and gracioiusly confessed her curiosity about what Miss Hepburn was discussing with us for quite a while.

“Her next book  appears to be a collection of remembrances from the past, a Mother Lode of memories.”

“Is it available?  What is she calling it?” 


Barbara Bush sighed for a moment, and then chuckled, “You have to have an awfully big ego to title a book like that.  I guess that’s Hollywood for you.”

P.S. Me! became a bestseller.

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