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George Christy Talks About The Women’s Guild, The Met Gala, Jason Alexander and more!

Amanda Goldberg joined mom Wendy Goldberg, co-chair of the Women’s Guild Cedars-Sinai 60th Anniversary Diamond Jubilee Gala, at The Beverly Hilton
Jason Alexander and Gina Furth, Womens Guild President
Pierce Brosnan

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Mirabile dictu!  

“This is a miracle,” as they may have vowed during the Holy Roman Empire.

Unheard of!  That the gala supporting the Women’s Guild Cedars-Sinai 60th Anniversary Diamond Jubilee at The Beverly Hilton wrapped at 9:15PM!

These prior longueur nights often drag on with tiring speeches and more entertainment than supporters are interested in.  

Last week, the entertainment was brief and wonderful.  

How can you top Sergio Mendes performing his seductive Brazilian love ballads, and the foot-stompin’ razzmatazz music by Big Bad Voodoo Daddy.  

Additionally, Jason Alexander kept the program running at a hippity clip pace.  

Pierce Brosnan gracefully presented the Lyn and Norman Lear 2018 Hollywood Icon Award to these longtime philanthropists and loyal citizens.  

“A most influential and groundbreaking sitcom creator in TV history, Norman’s opened thousands of opportunities for people in the industry over the decades,” announced Women’s Guild President Gina Firth.

“Writer or director, producer or creator, his genius is a voice in our times, with his artistry spanning generations.”  

Chaired by Judy Briskin, Wendy Goldberg, and Vera Guerin, the gala fetched $1.6 million for the Women’s Guild Simulation Center for Advanced Clinical Skills.  Adding to the $50 million raised through the past 75 years from these Women’s Guild events.

We pleasurably meet doctors we should know every year.  This week, Dr. Sam Torbaiti, who heads the ER division at Cedars-Sinai, was among them.  Including Dr. Edward Phillips, Dr. Charles Kivovitz, Dr. Robert Wolfe. 

Greeting friends were Disney’s Cindy and Alan Horn, Jane and Marc Nathanson, BH Courier Publisher Marcia Hobbs, Lynda and  Stewart Resnick, and Center for Early Education’s Head of School Mark Brooks.

Also: McG with wife Alix, who lately discovered they’re neighbors in Paris with Marisa Berenson (whose daughter Starlight Randall delivered baby Luna two months ago). 

WME’s Phillip Raskin and wife Amanda Goldberg visited with Martin Scorsese’s favorite Good Fellas screenwriter Nicholas Pileggi.

From now on, we will hold tight during these philanthropic dinners, when impressive monies are raised to benefit our futures, and remind ourselves that the bell rings at 9:15PM.

’Nuff said!


The backbiting began this year before the Met Gala. 

Celebrities and their handlers complained that they are bored, and the handlers moaned and groaned that they are not welcomed at the Ball.  

Why should they be?

Vogue editor Anna Wintour, who masterminds this glamathon, is dead-on right.  Handlers dilute the impact of the glamour quotient that makes the Met Gala what it is.  

While Anna is unfairly criticized for her tough stance with the guest list,  her strict attitude is what makes the Ball a grand affair!  No in-betweeners allowed.

As for the childish celebrities being bored, have they ever dreamed of extending themselves to table mates rather than expect everybody to kowtow to them?

Opening, as it always does, on the first Monday in May, the Met Gala is a powerhouse party that raises big monies for the Costume Institute of the Metropolitan Museum of New York.

Indeed, it is the most glamorous global gathering ever.  This year’s theme, Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination, is an eye-opener about the artistic talent and high style within the religious order.

“Not at all sacrilegious, but there was poor taste,” says Cardinal Tim Dolan, the leader of Catholic faith in New York.

Met Gala naysayers should be spanked, and sent to the Detention Room.  Like other charity events, The Met Gala creates jobs by employing hundreds of artists and craftsmen to pull it together, along with the tigers who toil night and day to plan and organize, and the hardworking minions behind the scenes.

Security officers, movers, technicians, designers and their staff, caterers, servers, beauticians, hairdressers, makeup artists, photographers … the list continues.

Jobs, jobs, and more jobs. 

More paychecks in pockets!  

Shut up with the quibbling, and look forward to next year’s extravaganza.

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