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SWEY Aims To Build Girls’ Self Esteem, Confidence Through Yoga, Nutrition

Posted: Friday, June 8, 2018 – 1:19 PM

According to Alexandria Karen Mickett, 47 percent of young girls are held back by low self-esteem, and 80 percent of 10-year-olds are afraid of being fat. “The break downs go on and on with horrific numbers,” says Mickett. It’s a huge problem in today’s society.”

So she founded SWEY (Savvy Women Emerging from Yoga) with the mission to inspire girls to build self-esteem and confidence through the influence of yoga and nutrition.

Most Yoga is practiced in expensive studios that cater to adults in 60-90 minute workouts.

But SWEY and Mickett have a solution.

The new lifestyle brand holds SWEY Life class at the No. 1 yoga studio in L.A. (Hot 8 Yoga in Beverly Hills).

“I’m not sure who is more excited,” says Mickett, “the girls or the moms. There’s a lot of interest and they are saying, ‘Finally there is yoga available to children.’”

Mickett, who found yoga at a young age, says, “SWEY is a lifestyle for girls that is hip and cool first and good for them at the same time. We think of ourselves as inaction transformers who inspire girls to harness their cool from the inside out. Swey empowers girls to own their composure, clarity, and confidence through elements of yoga and daily positivity.” SWEYERS are: “Cool females who practicehe Art of Sweyin’ each day.”

SWEY gives the everyday girl seven traits and seven postures to practice in a seven-minute routine that can be done anywhere, says Mickett. They are:

1) They choose to come from a positive place.

2) They arise each day with the intention to Swey.

3) They strive to make day-long healthy intake choices.

4) They attempt to breathe in and out, long and deep.

5) They stretch and move through exhales humming “Swey.”

6) They adapt and flow to whatever the day brings.

7) They Swey it forward to a friend who could use some Swey tomorrow.

For more information, email, call Hot 8 at 310-986-2490 and check out “Swey Life” on YouTube and Facebook.

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