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George Christy Talks About Brad Krevoy, Kristin Davis, Elephant Poaching In Africa and more!

Producer Brad Krevoy with wife Susie during a scouting trip in Africa with daughters Olivia, Sophia and Alex. Joining them was associate producer Lorenzo Nardini for Christmas in the Wild that focuses on the cruel poaching of elephants for their ivory tusks.
A mother elephant prepares her young one for entering the wild.

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He’s saluting the military …


He’s saving the elephants …


Time for another Big Shout Out to Brad Krevoy. The producer of more than 100 films and series during his award-winning career.

This month, he’s hard at work on the live Fourth of July concert and fireworks spectacle on the South Lawn at the White House honoring the U.S. Military.

With an audience partaking of the stirring patriotic music played by the Army, Navy and Marine Corps Bands.  Inspiring speakers, entertainment and a finale with grand scale roman candles and skyrockets.

In December of last year, he produced the Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony on the South Lawn at the White House, a thrilling success.

After this Independence Day special for the Hallmark Channel, Brad’s busy with Netflix’s Christmas in the Wild.  He’s soon filming in Africa about the criminal poaching of elephants for their ivory tusks that command millions on the jewelry market, particularly in Asia.

This is the passion project instigated by Kristin Davis (Sex and the City) that will co-star Rob Lowe with son John Owen.

The poaching facts are terrifying.  Elephants are destroyed with cyanide-spiked spears, and the tales surrounding this evil tragedy are heartbreakers.

Sad to say, poachers are exploring new areas and traffickers are there fueled by horrific corruption.

Reports confirm that the rate of the elephant losses continues to exceed the birth rate.

Additionally, the encroachment of human life reduces the space for the larger terrain needed for elephants to be comfortable.

Africa’s elephant population dwindled from millions around 1900 to 400,000-plus lately.  Hope remains as herds continue to gather.

Elephants are amazing animals, with immense memories.  They love reunions and remember friends from way-back-when after they get together.  As long as 30 years.

Orphan elephants are raised in sanctuaries for months or years, fed their milk and food, and the elephants appear won over with gratitude.

“They say an elephant never forgets,” claims Bill Murray.  “What they don’t tell you is, that you never forget an elephant.”

Revving up for the holiday season, Brad Krevoy is also busy with his annual Hallmark Christmas specials.  His producing staff calls him Father Christmas.  Having produced previous Christmas movies for Hallmark, as he is this coming season, with wife Susie and daughters Olivia, Sophia, and Alex joining him on and off during these filming endeavors.

A born gentleman of beloved renown, Brad, Chairman/CEO of Motion Picture Corporation of America, is welcomed in countless countries for his pursuit of quality.  Always in Canada, where he produces the popular When Calls the Heart, preparing now for its sixth season.  A not-to-be-missed series with families around the world.

His annual Christmas special is in the works in Vancouver starring Erin Krakow, Jack Wagner and Lori Loughlin as the well-known residents of film’s Hope Valley.

Also on Brad’s Christmas agenda is The Holiday Calendar, starring Kat Graham as a photographer who inherits a magical advent calendar from her grandfather that guides her towards love.  Quincy Brown co-stars, with the filming ocurring in Ontario, Canada.

Brad Krevoy’s always remembered for producing Crown For Christmas and for the classic farce Dumb and Dumber starring Jim Carrey with his then-partner Steve Stabler.

Other Christmas films will be announced soon.

Like Willie Nelson, Brad is ‘always on the road again.’

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