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Men’s Sexual Health Expert Dr. Paul Turek Believes In Treating ‘The Whole Man’

Dr. Paul Turek

Posted: Friday, June 15, 2018 – 1:23 PM

Dr. Paul Turek, internationally renowned leader in male health and the founder/director of The Turek Clinics in Beverly Hills and San Francisco, believes that sexual health and general health go hand in hand. 

“My practice is men’s health and my specialty is sexual and reproductive health; and that gets my foot in the door to men’s health in general,” says Turek. “I see myself as a pediatrician for men. Boys have pediatricians and lose them when they go to college.  I take care of men and empower them to take care of themselves.”

His offices are “clinical homes for men,” designed to provide state-of-the-art medical treatment in a comforting setting he says is “like a living room where patients are treated with respect dealing with subtle, sensitive issues including erection problems, hormone management, vasectomy and vasectomy reversal, other scrotal surgeries, and infertility.”

Dr. Turek has pioneered innovative techniques for treating male infertility; including Testicular Mapping (also known as Sperm Mapping or FNA Mapping) that scans testicles for sperm, and he offers training and certification to peers worldwide who seek to perfect the technique.

He has also helped to popularize the No-Scalpel Vasectomy.

A “super specialist in urology,” he’s a microsurgeon at heart who sees surgery as an art form. “I love demanding operations working with sutures that can’t be seen by the naked eye and precisely putting together tubes no longer than a piece of spaghetti.

“Men need a doctor who cares. Men are underserved. The fact is men don’t get great care,” Turek says. “The richest man in America lives five  years less than the poorest woman. Most men only show up at the doctor’s office if they’re in pain or their life is threatened.”

His novel approach is holistic, integrative and functional. His consultations are not 10-minute visits, but extended listening sessions. “You have to put in the effort. It’s what men need, and it works for me and my patients. I think it’s better care, and the response has been great” says Turek, a five-year Beverly Hills resident and fan of vintage cars and surfing.

Male infertility is a disease, Turek says and he’s devoted his career to finding solutions. Noting that there was little science on the topic when he first entered the field, “I realized that I could break this open,” Turek says.

Ten years ago he published an article comparing cancer rates among fertile and infertile men. He concluded that infertile men are at higher risk for developing testicular and prostate cancer later in life.

He graduated from Yale College with highest honors (summa cum laude), Phi Beta Kappa, and then attended medical school at Stanford University, where he also took top research honors. He completed his residency in urology at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania.

A fellowship in male reproductive medicine and microsurgery at Baylor College of Medicine in Texas and two decades of academic urology led to extensive, incisive research and he became a professor and endowed chair at the University of California San Francisco. “I saw that I was preaching how to take care of men but not actually practicing what I preached so I started the clinic.”

Sexual health is lifestyle, says Turek. “I realized that most of the genomics of infertility are related to lifestyle. If you eat well, sleep, watch your weight, exercise, be your best and take care of your general health, sexual health will follow. They’re symbiotic. Sexual health is a biomarker of health.”

He tells of a patient, aged 30, with erection problems: “I listen a lot and ask a lot of questions,” says Turek.“ I find that in only 1 percent of cases are erectile issues actually an ‘organic’ problem. Usually, it’s situational stress which happens to one-fourth of all men. A lot of times fixing health is not about surgery, for the most part it’s treating body like a temple.”

One of Turek’s goals is to see American medicine go from reactive to proactive. He’s a big fan of and incorporates traditional Eastern philosophy into his practice. “We focus on the anatomy and organs; they focus on the whole person. Together it’s a great dynamic.”

He donates his time to several worthy causes, including a free clinic for the working uninsured, Clinic by the Bay in San Francisco, that he helped co-found.

Dr. Turek has blogged weekly for 10 years about timely medical issues, solutions and innovations at Turek On Men’s Health, with about 100,000 followers.

Topics have included post-vasectomy pain, low sex drive, ways to boost testosterone and Peyronie’s disease. “If a man’s penis is curved it can make him miserable and lead to divorce and even suicide,” Turek says.

The articles always end with a quote reflecting his many interests ranging from Socrates and Walt Disney to Steve Jobs and Dr. Seuss.

As a recognized leader in the field, Dr. Turek has been invited to provide critical guidance at The White House and The National Institutes of Health, and the Centers for Disease Control.

To be a great doctor, Turek believes it’s necessary “to be authentic, make the right call and be good enough to publish what you do.” And he’s been published in many peer-reviewed journals.

The Turek Clinic is at 436 N. Bedford Dr. #202, Beverly Hills. For more information, visit or call 310-499-9299.—Steve Simmons

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