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Beverly Hills News – Pet Care Foundation Donations Set to Clear Cats from LA City Shelters

Posted: Thursday, July 5, 2018 – 1:18 PM

By Victoria Talbot

Last week, the Paula Kent Meehan Pet Care Foundation awarded $237,000 to three organizations that spay, neuter, adopt, foster and nurse neonatal kittens in the first-ever grant funding for rescue organizations. The funds are expected to save 1,000 kittens that would otherwise perish during “kitten season,” an annual surge in the number of neonatal kittens in the shelter, possibly making LA City a “no-kill” city.

LA City Shelters are currently 90-percent “no-kill” shelters, meaning that 90 percent of the animals that reach the shelter are adopted or fostered. 

Unfortunately, the other 10 percent are largely made up of the neonatal kittens that arrive each spring. These kittens must be hand fed at regular intervals and require attention to mimic that of the mother. They must be cared for until they are old enough to be adopted or fostered. Most do not make it because the shelters are not staffed to handle this intense labor. 

With these grants to the Stray Cat Alliance, Little Angels and SNP LA, it is estimated they will be able to provide nursery care for 1,000 kittens. By helping these organizations to care for the babies, it is hoped that Los Angeles City Shelters will reach the no-kill goal within the next six months.

The Stray Cat Alliance works with volunteers and partners to provide free spay and neuter programs and to foster and adopt cats. The organization received a grant of $100,000. SNP LA provides low-cost quality health care to ensure that pets are not abandoned because of health issues, and spay and neutering services to reduce the population of homeless pets. The organization received $70,000. Little Angels Project provides medical care to all animals, exotic and domestic, and partners with other organizations to ensure the health and welfare of the animals. Their organization received a $66,000 grant.

Working together, these organizations can save the lives of hundreds of baby kittens by caring for them until they are old enough to be adopted. 

The late philanthropist Paula Kent Meehan loved animals, and created the Pet Care Foundation to promote the welfare of homeless animals in shelters and to support spay and neuter efforts that help to reduce the population of strays.

The Pet Care Foundation employs three full-time groomers to visit the shelters. Grooming makes these animals more adoptable, and helps their health and well-being as well. Every month they sponsor pet adoption events at all six shelters, subsidize adoption fees and help to organize outside events like Woofstock every year in Beverly Hills. The organization has a history of sponsoring low-cost, no-cost spay and neuter services and rescue events. 


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