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George Christy Talks About Princess Lilly Fallah Lawrence, The Benefits Of Celery Juice, The Spy Who Dumped Me and more!

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As we become younger (ha!), we discover hidden secrets from Mother Earth.

Once more, as we get younger, Mother Earth astonishes us with highs and lows, yeas and nays about our bodies.

Reminding us that Bette Davis, ages ago, admonished “Aging is not for sissies!”

Ailments come and go, as we seek remedies for our health and wellness.

Listening to savvy folks and relatives who are longtime health devotees, from both coasts, we were advised to explore the benefits of celery juice.

A website lately divulged that celery juice is dominating Instagram feeds and trending with young celebrities.

Actually, it’s been recommended by Hydrotherapist Lou Walker and by our friend Lilly Lawrence, a longtime consultant on medical matters, believing that celery juice has many of the advantages of cherry juice, which she has previously recommended.

Lilly, we should add, is the Persian Princess who’s traveled the continents with her sportsman husband Bunty and parents. Her genius dad Reza, the former ambassador for oil in Iran, was well versed on healing with natural remedies.

“Please don’t knock it until you try it,” Lilly begged about celery juice.

Then promised that our ailment might benefit from a daily morning glass of 16 ounces with fresh celery juice on an empty stomach.

Somewhat doubtful we were, but figured, what the heck … who knows what makes sense anymore.

We gave celery juice a trial for several days, buying the fresh organic juice from the LA Co-Op at Broadway and 15th Street in Santa Monica. Of course, one may juice celery at home but it must be fresh to be potent.

Lilly suggests drinking it before breakfast.

After several days of imbibing the juice, we remained disappointed.

“Stick with it,” she insisted. “Give it time.”

Indeed, time made the difference. Thrilled we were to find that our ailment, after a week of juicing, was beginning to change our life for the better.

Inspired, we Googled about this elixir, and were bowled over by its various other wondrous surprises that lay in store for us all, thanks to Mother Earth.

To wit: an online report suggests that there may likely be a lowering of blood pressure and cholesterol … is an ideal tonic after workouts for replacing electrolytes … prevents the formation and development of cancers in the stomach and colon … is a natural laxative … and a natural diuretic … flushes the liver of toxins … also can reduce bloat … its potassium and sodium offer relief from inflammation like rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, gout, asthma and bronchitis … promotes healthy kidney function by eliminating toxins … may curtail the formation of kidney stones … its organic alkaline minerals have a calming affect on the nervous system … assists weight loss when drank throughout the day by curbing cravings for sweets and rich foods … skin appears better … there may be more energy … and digestion may be improved.

For those who find the taste of celery a tad bitter, a squeeze of lemon or lime for every 16 ounces may soften the taste.

If 16 ounces of celery juice on an empty stomach are too much before breakfast, begin with 4 or 8 ounces a day and graduate to the 16 … with hope that healing will soon be on the way.

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