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Beverly Hills News – Resident Seeks Missing Cat, Blind in One Eye

Still Missing - Lucky
Zari was returned by a Good Samaritan who saw the poster

Posted: Wednesday, August 22, 2018 – 1:33 PM

Beverly Hills resident Yari De Leon, is looking for her cat. De Leon attended Tuesday’s City Council meeting to join fellow resident, Elizabeth Beck, and former Commissioner Ilona Sherman after Beck and De Leon were contacted by Code Enforcement over their Missing Cat posts.

Beck, whose cat was also missing (the cat was returned by a Good Samaritan Wednesday) and De Leon had posted “Missing Cat” signs in their respective neighborhoods (north of Wilshire and north of Olympic). Code enforcement contacted them and told them their signs were illegal and that they were guilty of misdemeanor violations subject to fines. At City Council, the two were directed to speak to staff to resolve the issues, though it is not clear how the situation will be resolved.

It is unclear if the violation was complaint-driven or if Code Enforcement officers observed the signs in two different neighborhoods and contacted the pet owners.

Still missing is Lucky, the black cat with one green and one blue eye. Lucky was on medication for her one blind eye when she escaped. A roommate left a screen door ajar. This cat was only recently adopted and may not know her new home turf. She disappeared about two weeks ago on Rexford between Olympic and Gregory Way.

Zari, Beck’s cat, was returned by a Good Samaritan who saw the poster before she was told to take them down.

If you have any information regarding Lucky the black cat, please contact Yari De Leon or call Victoria Talbot at the Courier, 310-278-1322.

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