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George Christy Talks About Georgette Mosbacher, India Irving, Lynn von Kersting, and more!

India von Kersting Irving during a visit to the Italian Riviera. She’s wearing a vintage Zadig & Voltaire frock. India is the daughter of the Ivy owners Lynn von Kersting and Richaard Irving, and appears on London television as a cultural critic. During her vacations she returns to the Ivy and serves as a hostess.
Richard Birriola and Bronwyn Lund manage the Zadig & Voltaire shop in the Sunset Plaza neighborhood, where this merchandise is on display.

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Extraordinaire. As we say in Paris. Hers is an explosive gift of talent, bustin’ out all over.

An artist who never stops giving. Generously and graciously.

Creating designs, creating music, creating restaurants.

Creating an iconic shop, Indigo Seas, chockablock with treasures that the world comes for. Including Ralph Lauren who buys and buys.

Someone many know, but not to the full extent of her immeasurable gifts.

Lynn von Kersting.

A beauty born with the royal purple of elegance and manners.

We are indebted to her visionary insights with her discerning eye. She is one of her kind in our day, as was fashion empress Diana Vreeland the Vogue editor who launched the Metropolitan Museum galas that raised millions to support the museum’s Costume Institute.

Lynn is the co-owner of the Ivy restaurants, and the proprietress of the iconic Indigo Seas at 123 N. Robertson Boulevard. Where you find the cognoscenti shopping day in and day out for the treasures Lynn seeks from around the world.

The love of the arts is in her bloodstream. She publishes beautiful one-of-a-kind books that take your breath away. Records, sings and produces memorable jazz albums.

Organized to the hilt, she manages time to create beautiful yet comfortable interiors for friends such as Patricia Crowley and Andy Friendly, and to make heretofore uninhabitable mansionettes friendly for the owners, who say they’ve never had it so good at home.

Her mate, Richard Irving, is the culinary genius at the Ivy restaurants that are uniquely individual with their menus and major wine lists that are dreams for connoisseurs.

Lynn, of course, designed both of their great Ivy restaurants and her and Richard’s enchanting daughter, India, is acclaimed as a cultural critic for London’s television.

India’s a beauty destined for stardom wherever she goes.

Here is a family that works together indefatigably, and happily reaches out to us all who appreciate the best.

Lately, Lynn introduced us to the new world of exciting designs known as Zadig & Voltaire.

A brand named after an 18th century novella about fate by the Enlightenment author Voltaire.

Founded by Thierry Gillier in 1997, the designs are his interpretations of today’s street fashion, made only from luxury fabrics such as silk, cashmere and his specially developed cotton jersey.

Sweaters, skinny jeans, t-shirts, plus leather goods of the moment.

The fashion-forward confections sport a distinct style and sensibility that appear ageless.

Thierry is the grandson of Andre Gillier, the 1933 co-founder of Lacoste clothing, inspired by the French tennis champion Rene Lacoste.

Thierry’s renowned collections include designs for women, men and children that mirror a rock spirit and Bohemian style.

Ideal for the young at heart, and not to be missed.

Overseen by Bronwyn Lund and Richard Birriola, Zadig & Voltaire is based in the Sunset Plaza neighborhood at 8640 W. Sunset Blvd. in West Hollywood. Store hours are Monday through Saturday from 10:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m., and Sunday 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.. Telephone: 310-958-9616.

Apropos of our column last week announcing Georgette Mosbacher was appointed by our U.S. Senate as the next Ambassador of Poland, we were remiss, due to space, for not revealing her backstory.

An Indiana University graduate, born in Highland Indiana, Georgette worked at three jobs to support her education.

Her marriages include Hollywood developer Bob Muir; the CEO of the fragrance giant Faberge, George Barrie; and Robert Mosbacher, the Secretary of Commerce under President George H.W. Bush in 1989. Becoming a leading hostess in our nation’s capital.

At one point, Georgette established her own business empire with foreign investors, buying the struggling cosmetic company La Prairie for $30 million. By 2001, she became the CEO of the Borghese cosmetics group until her retirement in 2015. When she devoted her life to politics and raising monies for charities.

“To create the life you deserve, you have to go for it,” she philosophizes. “The universe that you inhabit flows from you – you don’t flow from it.”

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