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Jerry Cutler On Theatre — ‘Ain’t Too Proud’: Delivers A Smash Hit For The Ahmanson Audiences

L-R: Ephraim Sykes, Jeremy Pope, Jawan M. Jackson, James Harkness and Derrick Baskin in “"Ain't Too Proud,”" which is being presented by Center Theatre Group at the Ahmanson Theatre through September 30. Photo by Matthew Murphy.

Posted Saturday, Sept. 1, 2018 – 11:27 PM

It was a special night at the opening of Ain’t Too Proud (The Life And Times Of The Temptations) at The Ahmanson. Up in Heaven everything was aligned in its proper position; the moon, the constellations, the comets, the meteors…. As for the stars, they were aglitter on stage prepared to deliver what can only be termed as a “bombastic performance” for the pleasure of the packed audience whose expectations were sky high.

I am pleased to write that expectations were not disappointed – not for a wall to wall metric system’s millimeter which is approximately 0.04 of an inch.

Directed by Des McAnuff and choreographed by Sergio Trujillo, Ain’t Too Proud soared from the opening curtain to the end of the second act when the final curtain came down. And, the actors still continued, as if the rush of their performances hadn’t caught up to them.

Starring Derrick Baskin as Otis Williams, James Harkness as Paul Williams, Jawan M. Jackson as Melvin Franks, Jeremy Pope as Eddie Kendricks and Ephraim Sykes as David Ruffin and a host of some of the most amazing talented performers you have ever seen. The dancing and singing was totally appreciated by the gracious audience who’s explosive applauding and never ending cheers, expressed approval after every memorable song and brilliantly synchronized dance step.

Following the performance and on the way back home, my wife and I lamented the fact that time marched on and left a multitude of fans behind as the music, lyrics and dance moves faded into oblivion.

However, legacy left behind is never lost. Thanks to Otis Williams and The Temptations, a whole new generation will come to better understand what us ‘old timers’ snapped our fingers and tapped our toes to when listening to the best music this side of Heaven.

Ain’t Too Proud is the quintessential essence of pride and accomplishment brought, once again, to exuberant life by “The Temptations.”

4 Bagels out of 4

Jerry Cutler, the Courier’s film critic, is rabbi at Creative Arts Temple.

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