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An Old Fashioned Block Party To Remember

Camden Block Party 2018

Beverly Hills residents celebrated the 15th annual 400 S. Camden Dr. block party Aug. 26, organized by Karyn Newman, Alissa Roston, Janet Roston and Cindy Trangsrud. This year featured the traditional musical chairs and balloon toss competitions, BBQ dinner and homemade desserts. Invitations were also extended to families on the adjacent blocks of Rodeo and Peck Drives. Attendees included Hoa Bui, Cindy Feinstein, Joel Feinstein, Sybil Fields, Jonathan Forster, Melanie Forster, Emily Fox, Eli Ginsburg, Rochelle Ginsburg, Jordan Hatton, Josh Hatton, David Herman, Jeanne Herman, Barry Hinden, Grace Hinden, Kelly Hinden, Marilyn Hinden, Matt Hinden, Stephen Hinden, Zach Hinden, Paul Hoffman, Sue Hoffman, Michelle Jaffe, Selma Jaffe, Alex Mathalon, Alie Mathalon, Ella Mathalon, Ethan Mathalon, Hanina Mathalon, Jordan Mathalon, Tyler Mathalon, Valerie Moizel, Steve Munzer, Jason Newman, Karyn Newman, Arthur Payson, Betsy Phillips, Bill Phillips, Yaffa Pinchasa, Ken Rakusin, Alissa Roston, Janet Roston, Warren Roston, Juliet Scott, Peter Scott, Roger Scott, Tristen Walker-Shuman, Oreet Smith, Steve Smith, Andrea Spatz, Cindy Trangsrud, Jason Vogel, Mark Vogel, Robin Vogel, Pam Weisberg, Simon Weisberg, Eli Weiser, Jonah Weiser, Shelby Weiser, Barry Weiss, Marvin Winans Jr., Michele Wunderlich, and Bob Wunderlich.

Photo by Barry Weiss

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