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George Christy Talks About Brad and Susie Krevoy, Rosh Hashanah, Julie and Roger Corman and more!

Susie and Brad Krevoy with daughters Sophia, Olivia and Alex during their Rosh Hashanah dinner at their Santa Monica estate. Sophia and Olivia are studying at Northwestern University, and Alex is in high school locally. Olivia was a model employee when she interned with us at the Beverly Hills Courier. Please note the red signature on Susie’s shoe indicating that it was created by the Paris designer Christian Louboutin.
Doug and Noreen Herzog

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A while ago, we crowned Susie Krevoy as “La Bella Chicerona.” Favoring, as she does, the designs from Valentino, Stella McCartney, Alexander McQueen, Ralph Lauren as wardrobe favorites.

Her taste is flawless – she choose a Valentino frock for the evening when she and prolific husband Brad Krevoy, the successful producer of Hallmark and other movies, celebrated Rosh Hashanah. At their posh, art-filled estate in Santa Monica that faces the expansive greenery of the Riviera Golf Course.

More than 60 guests of all ages were happy dining on caterer Annie Campbell’s menu. Heirloom tomatoes with peaches, roast chicken and/or short ribs, followed by an insidiously delicious apple crisp that everyone pigged out on.

The Good Book informs that the first Rosh Hashanah occurred in the Garden of Eden with the creation of Adam and Eve.

Rosh Hashanah translates as “head of the year,” and marks the beginning of the Jewish faith’s High Holy Days.

The faithful ask for forgiveness from friends and family in order to have clean slates addressing the New Year. A week later Yom Kippur arrives with serious prayers.

In this our life, we’ve experienced that the best parties include surprises. Often with new faces, out-of-town guests and loyal locals of distinguished stature.

Seated, as we were, with Brad and Susie at their table, we partnered with Julie and Roger Corman.

The veteran trailblazer of independent films, Roger’s known as the “Pope of Pop Cinema.”

He’s mentored Brad, along with other fledgling film-makers, with the making of his popular movies. James Cameron, among them, Ron Howard, Martin Scorsese, Francis Ford Coppola, Jonathan Demme and more.

Julie Corman informed that on Dec. 26 of 2018, she and Roger will celebrate their 48th wedding anniversary, and that she plans on wearing her vintage wedding dress for this auspicious occasion.

Additionaly, we sat with Analisa and Jason Barrett – Jason represents Jay Hernandez, the new lead for the remake of Magnum P.I.

Also dining with us was Brad’s mother, Cecile Krevoy, a born beauty, who praised her assisted living residence at Belmont Village in Westwood. “I enjoy the comfort and the excellent food … the staff, overall, is kind and helpful.

“After we lost my husband Norman, I didn’t like eating alone or being alone, and Belmont Village came to my rescue.”

Brad’s formidable series for Hallmark, When Calls the Heart, is in it’s 6th season, and his production schedule remains, as always, non-stop and exciting.

Among his upcoming projects is Best. Christmas. Ever. A theatrical feature film for Christmas 2019, promising a fun, family-friendly holiday movie written and directed by Charles Shyer (Father of the Bride Part I and Part II, The Parent Trap, Alfie).

The Crossword Mysteries is scheduled for early 2019 release on Hallmark, and stars Lacey Chabert and Brennan Elliott. Filmed with the cooperation from New York Times crossword puzzle editor Will Shortz.

A Netflix original, The Princess Switch, is a Christmas treat, currently in post production for release in December. Vanessa Hudgens and Sam Palladio co-star. A duchess and a commoner swap places after discovering they look exactly alike.

A Christmas Prince: A Royal Wedding is the sequel to Netflix’s smash hit, A Christmas Prince, and is in post production for the holidays this year. Starring Rose McIver, Ben Lamb, and Alice Krige, the story follows Amber and King Richard preparing for their wedding of the century.

Brad’s on full gallop with these hot-to-trot productions. On location in Canada, London and Paris, and who knows where else.

Keep on truckin’, dear Brad.

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