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BHPD Captain Mark Rosen Retires With Settlement Agreement

Posted Friday, November 30, 2018 - 4:33 pm

By Victoria Talbot

Retaining Chief Sandra Spagnoli and continuing her reforms going forward, Capt. Mark Rosen has settled with the City of Beverly Hills and announced his retirement late Friday afternoon.

Rosen alleged that the he was targeted by Spagnoli for being over 40 and Jewish. He implied that Spagnoli, who is a Jehovah’s Witness and over 40, as well as being one of only five female Chief of Police in the State of California – was racist, homophobic and involved in an extramarital affair.

“The department will continue to focus on public safety and move to permanently fill the vacant captain position,” said Spagnoli. “I am very proud of the departments accomplishments over the last to years  and also the new programs we have implemented to keep Beverly Hills safe. We have hired over 45 new police officers in two years, we have an effective crime impact team, expanded out traffic control and parking program, established a strategic plan, have a committed leadership team and the best employees to take the department into the future and keep our citizens safe”

The settlement was announced in the following press statement from Keith Sterling, Public Information Manager for the City of Beverly Hills:

While the City of Beverly Hills continues to deny allegations in the Mark Rosen and other lawsuits, a decision was made by the City’s insurance company to settle the lawsuit brought by Captain Rosen.

Captain Rosen has retired from the Beverly Hills Police Department, effective today.  Lieutenant Mike Hill will serve as Acting Captain of Administrative Services with the recruitment process beginning shortly.

The Department has made excellent progress in implementing the changes suggested in a 2015 report by independent consultant, Management Partners.  With increased staffing, improved overall morale and a more diverse workforce, the department is looking to the future.

The City of Beverly Hills has always upheld its unwavering commitment to maintaining a respectful work environment free from harassment, retaliation and discrimination and will continue to do so. 

 The safety of the community remains the top priority of the Beverly Hills Police Department.

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