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International Vascular Surgeon Saluted At Global Peace Forum At The Montage

GLOBAL PEACE FORUM--Dr. Arjun V. Daluvoy (left), a renowned vascular surgeon, was saluted at the "Go for Global Peace" forum at the Montage Beverly Hills sponsored by the World Federation of Nations Foundation and the International Arts Association. He is joined by artist/philanthropist Leith Eaton (right), founder of the two organizations, who emceed the event, along with "Miss Ghana" Nini Amerlise and A.T. King Nat, Jr., honorary vice consul of the Ivory Coast. Photo by Jacques Silverstein

Posted Friday, January 11, 2019 - 2:59 pm

By John L. Seitz

Montage Beverly Hills was the site of the “Go for Global Peace” forum aimed at the development of a Golden Peace Theme Park to unite individuals from all races, religions, cultures and ages to find their common goals and bring them together in an environment of peace, harmony and love.

Its founder is Dr. Arjun V. Daluvoy, a vascular surgeon from India who has performed more than 50,000 operations in Asia, Africa, Europe, Canada and the U.S. “Believe me, all bodies look the same so it’s time to realize we must respect each individual regardless of whom they are or where they come from.

He was presented with an award for his more than five decades in the healing arts including 10 years of donated services in India, Ireland, London and New York.

Co-sponsoring this kick-off affair were the World Federation of Nations Foundation 501(c)3 and the International Arts Association.

Leith Eaton, founder of the organizations, emceed the event while A.T. King Nat Jr., honorary vice consul of the Ivory Coast, gave the incantation, assisted by “Miss Ghana,” Nini Amerlise. Larry Covin and Charlene Capetillo performed some musical numbers.

Dr. Daluvoy and Eaton served as co-excutive producers of the documentary film Peace For Profit, featuring Larry King, that explores prosperity being wasted in areas of the world because of hatred, poverty and conflict.

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