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Lobo and Henry Seek That Special Home

Posted Monday, February 4, 2019 - 2:20 pm

Lobo is a handsome year-old German Shepherd with a gentle nature who was surrendered by his owners when he developed a medical condition common to the breed.

The condition, perianal fistulas, causes lesions beneath the tail in the anal area and requires treatment, including diet, antibiotics, anti-inflammatories and possibly, surgery. Most common in German Shepherds, the condition can arise in any breed and even treated, can become recurring.

Unfortunately, poor Lobo was left at the shelter with advanced symptoms; he was both emaciated and infected.

Bill Crowe, executive director of the Pet Care Foundation, discovered Lobo when he was on site at the West Los Angeles Animal Shelter to film their weekly adoption program. One of the shelter employees said they had a dog in the medical unit he should look at. The dog was available for adoption, but visitors would never have had access to him.

“They were going to put him down in a few days,” said Crowe.

Lobo was sick and in pain, constantly reaching around to lick his painful fistulas. Nonetheless, his good nature showed through. Lobo is not only extremely handsome, he has a profoundly gentle disposition. He is docile and friendly.

Unfortunately, said Crowe, his owners were not able to care for him when he developed the condition, which could cost $250 a month. Crowe agreed to have the Pet Care Foundation foster the dog.

Then he brought Lobo to Dr. Shipp’s Animal Hospital at the Amanda Foundation.

When he arrived, said Teri Austin, owner of the Amanda Foundation, his condition was so advanced that it was difficult to diagnose the primary cause.

The Amanda Foundation is the only animal charity in Los Angeles that operates a full-service hospital with some of the best medical care available. Lobo’s wounds were flushed and treated. He has received medications that have greatly improved his condition, and thus, the quality of his life.

At the Amanda Foundation, he receives round-the-clock attention. His caregivers are close by to visually monitor his progress throughout the day. He receives regular walks and hugs, while he continues to improve.

Soon, Lobo will be well, and he will be ready for adoption by that special person who will be able to take on his medical needs, if they reoccur. Lobo, with his beautiful, good-natured personality, will make someone a loyal and loving companion one day.

Like Lobo, his friend Henry, a mid-sized terrier mix, arrived at the Amanda Foundation with a chronic problem, one that had developed over a long time and was left untreated. He arrived nearly without hair, his skin hot pink from inflammation. Like Lobo, Henry has a face to die for and a personality that melts hearts. This boy is being treated for his skin condition and in a short time, has shown great progress. Soon, he too, will be ready for his forever home.

Special needs dogs like Lobo and Henry are lovingly cared for by the Amanda Foundation, and fostered by Paula Meehan’s Pet Care Foundation, paid for through donations. If you are interested in seeing these sweet dogs, visit them 11 a.m. – 4 p.m. at Dr. Shipp’s Animal Hospital/The Amanda Foundation, 351 Foothill Drive in Beverly Hills. Call 310-278-2935.

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