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Dishing It Up With Sharon Insul—Even Pizza Can Say Romance On Valentine’s Day

Savvy pizzerias are offering heart-shaped pizzas.
Red plates, napkins and candles for Valentine's Day.

Posted Tuesday, February 12, 2019 - 3:55 pm

Come sit with me for awhile and see what I’m bringing to the table…

I know you are all focused on Valentine’s Day. And that’s a good thing. I just hope you all remembered that National Pizza Day was Saturday Feb. 9. Do you know that pizzas are made in a heart shape. Yes they are, and can be ordered from savvy pizzerias from Maine to San Diego, and all nooks and crannies in between. So if you are searching for the not-so-run-of -the-mill valentine this is it. Think of this as having your cake and eating it too.

Valentine’s Day will come and go butttt  … OMG my happy friends, pizza is not just a one -day deal. It is consumed 24/7, 365 days year-in-year-out. The powers that be have reported 12.5 million pizzas were sold on Super Bowl Sunday alone. Who are the powers that be? Let’s leave that for a day when we have time to chase UFOs.

Yes, you can eat it out of the box it came in. Lol. I just heard someone say “what else you got”? Oh you weekly readers do know me well. Go ahead look below for a few easy serving suggestions. Casual doesn’t mean without a bit of romance. Right? Some candles, red dishes, napkins, hand painted stemware.

For added sparkle I threw in a chunky beaded tassel, and a red textile for the sparkle.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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