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Local Artists Lori Hyland and Michele Bohbot Bring Abstract Paintings To The Standard Oil Building In Beverly Hills

Michele Bohbot
Lori Hyland in her studio.

Posted Monday, April 22, 2019 - 11:42 am

By Laura Coleman

On May 9, guest curator Nigel Daly will introduce a compilation of works by local artists Lori Hyland and Michele Bohbot at The Standard Oil Building.

Beginning with the Thursday night opening from 6-9 p.m. inside the newly designed building at 257 N. Cañon in Beverly Hills, the exhibit will run through May 29.

Titled “Magnetic Collective,” the show will feature large-scale paintings by Hyland and Bohbot inside Hamid Gabbay’s modernist building in the heart of the Golden Triangle.

“The creative process for me is deeply intuitive,” says Hyland. “I’ve always been fascinated and guided in painting by two important concepts; visual meaning and transformation with every canvas bringing new and unexpected relationships.”

Hyland, whose abstract works exude passion through her vibrant colors and dynamic brush strokes, constantly draws inspiration from the world around her. A USC graduate who later trained at the Pratt Institute and School of Visual Arts in New York, Hyland uses her travels around the globe and observations of the natural world to create dynamic works that probe the viewer to contemplate life.

Bohbot, founder and designer of the successful contemporary fashion house Bisou Bisou (French for “little kiss”), is also the owner of Namastday Yoga studio in Beverly Hills. And she helped Gabbay design The Standard Oil Building.

But it is in her painting, characterized by sweeping brush strokes of vivid colors, that Bohbot’s natural passion to express her creative nature shines brightest. Her paintings, expressions of the spiritual connection she feels to the world, are at times metaphysical, and at others purely expressionist, while always communicating deeply modern consciousness.

“When I paint, my own energy rejuvenates itself because I celebrate a moment that to me has a bit of magical power. It is my way of communicating with the world in a spiritual yet personal way,” says Bohbot, who connects further with the art-making process by creating her own paint, mixing oil with bright dry pigments and unconventional materials such as flour, egg yolk or sand. “Each stroke carries the same powerful elements of hope and faith of the human soul.”

Following the opening, the exhibition will be open to the public daily from noon-8 p.m., through May 29.

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