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George Christy Talks About Shanghai, Disneyland Resorts, Cherry Blossoms and more!

After pursuing half of their holiday in Beijing, China, the Krevoys came to Shanghai, where they loved Disneyland, the world’s second largest theme park after the Walt Disneyworld Resort in Orlando, Fl. Producer Brad Krevoy with wife Susie (in white), daughters Olivia and Alexandra, were awed by the Enchanted Storybook Castle with its enticing stories.
A Disneyland parade
The exhilarating Tron Roller Coaster is an extraordinary feet of Disney Imagineering.

Posted Thursday, April 25, 2019 - 4:17 pm

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Decadence prevailed during years of yore in Shanghai. A cosmos of unashamed debauchery.

Opium, brothels, nights and days of no-holds-barred.

Until 1949 when Communism reared it’s Cyclopean head, and decadence dropped underground.

To hear tales from the elderly who were told by their elders of what life was like in Shanghai is a testament to its nonstop hedonism.

Apparently, great grandmothers revealed that the rich were so spoiled that all a lady had to do was lie in bed and throw her hands outside the bed linens while manicurists hustled to trim and polish and do whatever Milady desired.

Earlier this month, producer Brad Krevoy and his family visited the new world of Beijing which we described in our Courier column last week.

The family was especially ennamorred with the modernity of Shanghai. Specifically the Art Deco architecture, the “bottle opener” skyscraper and the thrill-a-minute fun of Disneyland. With its seductive surprises. Such as the “Tron” Motorcycle roller coaster.

“Tron is the most exhilarating and seamlessly themed roller coaster at any Disney theme park, immersing the rider into a videogame world bursting along an electric speedway.” As stated by, Bob Weis, President of Walt Disney Imagineering. “The Imagineers have programmed the LEDs to create a glowing architecture in which the light environment responds to the movement of the vehicles.” 

Shanghai Disneyland is the world’s second largest, after the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida.

The Enchanted Storybook Castle is the tallest of any Disney Park and represents all of the princesses’ everlasting stories.

Situated at the northern edge of the water-fronted Bund, the Krevoys were delighted with the luxurious comforts of their Peninsula Hotel accommodations with their appealing views of the Huangpu riverfront.

They toured the Jewish Refugee Museum. Viewed Longhua Temple, the largest and oldest temple in Shanghai. Strolled along the Bund with its breathtaking tulip gardens.

Dined elegantly at The Mercato and the international cuisine from Jean-Georges Vongerichten. Situated within the prestigious Three on the Bund, that is Shanghai’s leading epicurean lifestyle destination.

After Shanghai, the Krevoys flew to Tokyo and savored the sushi, ectera at Robataya.

Also enjoyed the famous cherry blossoms surrounding Tokyo.

Before arriving in Los Angeles where the budding Jacaranda trees shimmered in the breezes, “purpling” the cityscape.

For the Japanese, cherry blossoms symbolize clouds due to their look of blooming en masse.

Besides offering an enduring memory for the quicksilver nature of life.

Also this aspect of Japanese cultural tradition is often associated with Buddhist influence.

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