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George Christy Talks About Nancy Davis, The Race To Erase MS Gala, Selma Blair and more!

In a league of her own, Nancy Davis has raised millions for Race to Erase MS.  Last week she hosted her 26th annual gala at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, honoring Selma Blair and the Hausman family.
Selma Blair with supporter Sarah Michelle Gellar
Kathy and Rick Hilton flank Alexa Dell
Ally, Tommy and Dee Ocleppo Hilfiger

Posted Thursday, May 16, 2019 - 5:11 pm

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The truth disturbs.

For Selma Blair, or a star in her forties (Cruel Intentions), to find herself diagnosed with multiple sclerosis is upsetting for our New Age Hollywood.

Upsetting her contemporaries in our Hollywood crowd, they were of the “opinion that it was an older person’s disease.”

Diagnosed in August of last year, Selma became Nancy Davis’ honoree for the 26th annual Race to Erase MS Gala at the Beverly Hilton Hotel.

The honor was presented by Robin Roberts, who approached Selma for the first interview about the autoimmune diagnosis.

“Easier for Selma to hide the news from the public,” informed best friend Sarah Michelle Gellar. “Instead, she’s facing the journey head-on with all of us.”

Arriving on stage with her 7-year-old, Arthur, Selma confessed, “I have a fear that I will fall, but I have the best fall bearers with Robin, Sarah, and my son.”

The trio were lauded vigorously.

“Race” has delivered more than $48 million for powerful research (many impressive new drugs available) during its 26 year history.

All monies go to the Center Without Walls. Where MS research scientists collaborate from the University of Southern California, UC San Francisco, Johns Hopkins, Harvard, Yale, Cedars-Sinai, and UCLA.

These professionals are dedicated to further inventive research and therapeutic treatment.

Selma Blair’s friends of many ages took over the hotel ballroom, and were moved with Selma’s kind and heart-warming words, “I dream to be useful for my son.”

The young lions reiterated that Selma is strong and will find greater strength from the love of her friends.

MS symptoms vary considerably within the sufferers.

• Numbness, weakness in limbs.

• Partial or total loss of vision.

• Double vision.

• Tinging pain.

• Electric shock sensations occurring with neck movements.

• Tremors, fatigue, dizziness.

• Bowel and bladder misfunctions.

The cause of multiple sclerosis remains unknown.

A revelatory and commemorable night that adds to the towering power of Nancy Davis’s commitment to erase MS.

Diagnosed with MS several decades ago, Nancy declared that she would do something to help. And she did.

This year’s 2019 Race to Erase MS Gala raised $1.8 million, adding to the $48 million already fetched in 26 years.

Congratulations, Superstar Nancy!

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