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Facts About The Sandra Spagnoli Lawsuit

Beverly Hills Police Chief Sandra Spagnoli

Posted Thursday, July 11, 2019 - 7:06 pm

By Victoria Talbot

What really happened in the latest lawsuit against Beverly Hills Police Chief Sandra Spagnoli?

In the end, the results were decidedly mixed, but mixed in favor of the chief and the City of Beverly Hills.

Attorney Bradley Gage sought more than $23.5 million. His clients received a fraction (4.68 %) of that, including legal fees.

The jury awarded Lt. Renato Moreno, who claimed he was denied a promotion to captain – though he did not apply for the positions–$350,000 for non-monetary damages (pain and suffering, as he claimed he had diarrhea).

For full story see the print edition of The Beverly Hills Courier, or download the e-edition.

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