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Beverly Hills Police Officers Show Support For Chief Sandra Spagnoli

Posted Thursday, July 18, 2019 - 6:50 pm

By Victoria Talbot

In an unprecedented effort to declare their support for embattled Police Chief Sandra Spagnoli and to dispel rumors of poor morale in the BHPD, two sworn officers used the public comment segment of the formal City Council meeting to express their support with prepared statements.

“I represent an overwhelming majority of the Beverly Hills Police Department’s Professional Management Association’s 13 members,” said Lt. Scott Dowling, who has worked for the department for 35 years, one of the longest-serving members in the Department. “PMA is the bargaining unit for all sworn Lieutenants and Captains. On behalf of these members, I want to thank the council for their unwavering support of Chief Spagnoli. Chief Spagnoli inherited a challenged organization, which faced a lack of strong and focused leadership for many years. We are proud of the changes thus far and our Association supports our Chief’s efforts to modernize, diversify and improve the Department.”

For full story see the print edition of The Beverly Hills Courier, or download the e-edition.


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