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City Issues Statement Regarding Settlement of Lawsuits by BHPD Employees

Posted Tuesday, August 13, 2019 - 4:47 pm

The City of Beverly Hills issued the following statement today regarding the settlement of discrimination lawsuits filed by two current and one former BHPD employees:

“The City of Beverly Hills is committed to maintaining a respectful work environment free from harassment, retaliation and discrimination,” said City Attorney Larry Wiener. “We have managed to reach agreements without the cost and distraction of trials so that the Beverly Hills Police Department can focus on its primary responsibility – keeping our community safe.”

“At the July 16, 2019 meeting of the Beverly Hills City Council, both the Beverly Hills Police Officers’ Association and the Beverly Hills Police Management Association told the community that the Department is moving forward, morale is good and there is not a state of crisis.

“Under the terms of the settlements, plaintiff Anne Marie Lunsman¬† will receive a payment of $195,000; plaintiff Tania Schwartz will receive a payment of $285,000; and plaintiff Scott Dribble will receive a payment of $105,000.¬†

“The attorney representing the plaintiffs, Bradley Gage, will receive fees amounting to $390,000. The City supports the needed change that Chief Spagnoli has brought to the Police Department, including the addition of officers, enhancements in training, an increase in diversity, greater public outreach, contemporary policing programs and a reduction in crime.”

The total settlement amounts to $975,000.


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