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Dishing It Up With Sharon Insul—Leather And Lemons…

A traditional fruit and sweet display in Morocco.
A centerpiece of lemons in front of a leather couch.

Posted Tuesday, August 13, 2019 - 2:41 pm

Come sit with me for awhile . . . and see what I’m bringing to the table…

Oh geez …I bought a lemon. Lol. No silly, not as in a car. I’m referring to a real honest to goodness lemon. Before I travel on from Morocco, I feel it would be fun and interesting to share some of the local tasties and traditions.

Very little gets stirred, cooked, or consumed without a splash, drop, squirt, sliver, or smash of lemon. I kid you not. As seen in the first photo. Moroccans take their lemons seriously. From hummus to lamb, and everything in between. Lemons make themselves known with a subtle touch and other times packs an “I’m here” punch.

Meyer lemons, the “queen of lemons” are considered the classic go-to condiment. Salted and packed in a jar, ready to use in about four to five weeks, they yield lemon rinds (discard the pulp) the texture as soft as an angels wings mixed with the lingering tantalizing flavor of a first kiss.

In Morocco, leather and lemons speak volumes, spun from the earthly resources of this mystical land. Handmade leather goods, displayed along side of bowls of lemons can be found prominently displayed everywhere. The traditions of Morocco have been serving up both heaping spoonfuls of artistically-driven visual-pleasure, while satisfying one’s gastronomic flights of fancy.

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