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Dishing It Up With Sharon Insul—Following A Passion For Olives

A Moroccan souk filled with all kinds of olives.
One of Insul's olive serving boats she found on her first excursion day in Morocco.

Come sit with me for awhile and see what I’m bringing to the table…

What kind of lover are you? Ummm. You do know there are all kinds of lovers, right? Art lovers, food lovers, fashion lovers and of course there are always those fun/thrill seeking lovers. The kinds of lovers that leave no stone unturned while on their quest-driven journey to fulfillment. Sooo? What’s my passion? Olives — I kid you not. What was that? Oh please. This is a family-driven kind of show. People let’s stay on point. Thanks.

My quest began moments after touching down in Morocco. I asked to be taken to a souk filled with olives, in fact I was looking for boat loads of olives as seen in the first photo. Now, not just any olives, but the ones sitting in huge bowls just ripe for the picking. Green, black, natural. Stuffed, unstuffed. Spicy and not-so-spicy. Oh my … and boat loads is what I go. Yippee. Eureka. Lo and behold my driver delivered me to one of my must sees while in Morocco. Yummy … double yummy … and check.

Also on my check list, fun unique pieces that can hold anything and everything. Yup you guessed it, back to my driver and away we went. Sooo on and on we went from souk to street vendor, to street vendor and back to souk. Lo and behold four hours later another eureka and yippee moment. Of course I heard all of you. Lol. In the second photo is one of my olive serving boats I managed to find on my first excursion day. Hmmm. You noticed. There is only one olive left in the boat. What can I say? Remember, I did mention my passion for olives. Applause and kudos to my very able-bodied driver Ahmed, the great finder of my must have list. Check, check, and check.

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