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Beverly Hills Fosters Kindness Through Transformative Initiatives

Posted Thursday, September 5, 2019 - 9:00 pm

By Laura Coleman

The Golden Rule in any language tells us that we should do unto others that which we want done unto ourselves.

The City of Beverly Hills is now in the midst of two transformative initiatives centering on kindness – one on behalf of the Human Relations Commission and another launched by the mayor’s office. 

“Kindness is at the root of every single culture, in every world religion, in every country and in every age, it’s the base of the Golden Rule, as we know it. There isn’t anybody who doesn’t talk about it, from Confucius to Audrey Hepburn,” said Beverly Hills resident Rochelle Ginsburg at a recent City Council meeting, who together with her husband, Eli, became the sixth recipient to be awarded the mayor’s Kindness Recognition.  

For full story see the print edition of The Beverly Hills Courier, or download the e-edition.

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