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Letter From the Publishers

Lisa Bloch and John Bendheim

Dear Readers,

Local journalism has a responsibility… to serve its community. We accept that responsibility, and we carry it with honor. It’s no wonder a group of community members, residents and businesspeople came together to invest in this iconic print and digital publication. The new Beverly Hills Courier will be thorough and responsive to the needs of our extraordinary city, while representing the true “voice” of Beverly Hills and its surrounding areas.

As publishers, our goals include providing unbiased local news, trendsetting editorials on lifestyle and wellness, Hollywood and local philanthropic events with celebrities and community members, world-class travel and hospitality features, up-to-date real estate news, and international culinary and fashion expertise. In addition, we will deliver timely, objective, and comprehensive reporting on critical, public safety and infrastructure needs and improvements, as well as informative school and community service updates, while always honoring the city’s courageous, empowering foundation. In short, we will give our community the news everyone needs and wants to know.  

Beverly Hills has a unique duality. While we are observed on the world stage as trendsetters, living and working in one of the most beautiful “garden” cities on the planet, we really are a small, well run community. We never want to lose sight of the reasons for our success. It is essential that we continue the tradition of sharing stories… stories that honor our wonderful city, its history and landmarks, and stories that touch our hearts about our friends, neighbors and co-workers.

We will be presenting a new, re-designed newspaper in the very near future. We will follow it with a re-designed digital campaign. In the meantime, see if you can spot some of the small changes as we build to this exciting re-design. We are confident that we will provide you with a paper sophisticated enough to stand side by side with any other publication in the world that represents a city as phenomenal as ours. So please look out for it!

We hope you are as excited as we are, as we look forward to the future and sharing a long and mutually respectful relationship. To that point, we welcome your input. Please participate in the change by expressing your curiosities, opinions, and desires for the publication, and the kind of informational news and lifestyle reporting you are hoping to find when you open the new Courier’s pages.

We live in a time when you can receive an infinite amount of information on your phone, computer or tablet, and then share or link it out. But there is still nothing like a caring, hometown, grass-roots newspaper experience where all the news, happenings and celebrations within our unique community can be learned. Please engage with us. Pick up the newspaper off of your doorstep, in your local businesses, or anywhere around town. Open its pages and experience what our community is doing, sharing and learning. We believe you will be inspired. And we promise to do our very best to provide you with all of the news and information our new weekly Beverly Hills publication can possibly hold.  

Welcome to the new Beverly Hills Courier!

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