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What Does Your Garden Want To Be When It Grows Up?

Mark Rios, FAIA, FASLA
John Lambert Pearson, ASLA
Mark’s garden was inspired by the light of the sunset hitting the hillside. Copyright Julie Toy
A focal point and selective use of color can create a special spot in the garden. Copyright Julie Toy

Posted Thursday, May 21, 2020 - 6:36 pm

By Mark Rios and John Lambert Pearson

If you’re working from home like we are these days, you likely are wondering why you’re stuck taking conference calls at your computer when you would much rather be sitting outside enjoying a cappuccino. Now that our connection to nature has been limited mostly to our homes due to COVID-19, many people are rediscovering an asset they may have been overlooking for years — their GARDENS. Houses get remodeled every ten years or so, but you also need to remember to refresh your garden.

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