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Beverly Hills DBAs

dba beverly hillsStart your business the convenient and easy way with The Beverly Hills Courier DBA services.

The Courier offers DBA publishing and filing.

As a bonus, The Courier does not charge any fee to file the DBA for you with the County Clerk.

This will save you the time, gas & energy of having to drive to the County Clerk’s office, or waiting 6-8 weeks for your DBA filing to return to you when you mail it in!


$26 to file 1 business name & 1 registrant
$5 for each additional business name & additional registrant.


 $26 to file a Renewal   (No changes in info. from original application)

      Payable to “RR / CC” or “Registrar Recorder / County Clerk” 
      Filing fee payment must be a check or money order. 
      (check needs to have printed name & address & include a driver’s license #, exp. date & phone #) 

beverly hills dba publishing

** And if you are filing as a Corporation or LLC, you will need to provide copies (a printout) of your “Certificate of Status” or “Active Status” from the Secretary of State’s website.

(Check must have printed name & address and include a driver’s license #, exp. date & phone #)

 $78 for the 4 weeks of publishing in The Beverly Hills Courier
$5 for each additional business name & additional registrant.

Make this check payable to “The Beverly Hills Courier

A credit card or cash can be used for payment for the publishing fee.


The L.A. County Clerk’s office now requires that you fill out the DBA forms on-line on their website, and print-out the forms after the registrant complete’s the process and has filled out all info. for the filing of the new business name. 

* There are 3-forms that you will print out when you complete the process: 
DBA application, Affidavit of Identity & Authorized Agent Form

No scratch outs or white out allowed on the forms. 

Please print clearly & legibly on all forms. 

The Beverly Hills Courier is not responsible for any mistakes that the L.A. County Clerk’s office may make when filing your DBA application. 

** Please take note that the Affidavit of Identity form will need to be notarized. 
*** Also, on the Authorized Agent form, leave the top part black for me to fill in as the agent filing for the registrant. 
At the bottom, they will print, date & sign.

 Also, keep in mind that a DBA filing is valid for 5-years. 

If you are renewing a DBA that has expired, over 5-years from original filing date, then you will choose the “Original” link to complete the process of filling out the forms. 

The link to the County’s DBA page for filing (filling out the forms):

Here is the link to the DBA info. page:

 Also, I would like to review the forms that you would like to submit for filing before they are mailed in, or dropped off in our office. 

I can also help you fill out the forms here in our office or over the phone. 

Please call or email to make an appointment. 

If any further questions come up, please feel free to let me know.


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