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Beverly Hills Elder – Florence Small: Still Selling Films At 100

While the styles may have changed in the century since Florence Small made her world debut, this Beverly Hills centenarian’s penchant for a good tale remains just as strong as when she was a child.

Beverly Hills Elder – Rhea Worms: From Pittsburgh To Beverly Hills

Growing up in a small upscale neighborhood just outside of Pittsburgh, Penn., Rhea Worms never imagined just how big and glamorous the rest of the world could be. But then everything changed when her family moved out to California in the early 1940’s when she was 16, taking up residence for two months at the Ambassador Hotel before settling into an L.A. home off of Sunset.

Beverly Hills News – Beverly Hills Elder: Mitchell Libow, Man Of Steel

There’s a moment when Mitchell Libow is looking at the world that everything manages to coalesce in perfect order in a way that few people have the capacity to observe. Indeed, his skill as an engineer once yielded the biggest and most efficient granulator machine in the world.

Beverly Hills News – Beverly Hills Elder: Mitchell Flint, 20th Century Macabee

Mitchell Flint’s romance with his wife of 57 years, Joyce, began like a Shakespeare play and it all started here in Beverly Hills. His impact on Israel is a story for the ages.

Beverly Hills News – Beverly Elder: Renny Darling Klein, Cooking For The Soul

Longtime Beverly Hills resident Renny Darling Klein knows better than most just how powerful the effects of a truly good meal can be for people. Indeed, her first cookbook, The Joy Of Eating, has sold in excess of 1.2 million copies and elicited thousands of letters from grateful fans who have told her just how transformative the recipes have been for their lives.

Beverly Hills Elder: Terri Frank – 54 Years In Beverly Hills

If walls could talk, Terri Frank’s Beverly Hills home would surely impart quite the tale.  Originally built in 1927, Terri’s insists that her Beverly Hills home has been trying to communicate since she and her family moved in 54 years ago.

Beverly Hills Elder: Lya Cordova-Latta, A Voice For Theatre 40

Lya Cordova-Latta is a powerhouse of enthusiasm. At 89, the diminutive Beverly Hills resident, who proudly boasts that she takes no medication, is determined to stay active in the City that she has helped shaped.

Beverly Hills News – Beverly Hills Elder: Thelma Levin – The Smiling Matriarch

At one point while Thelma Levin celebrated her 104th birthday last month at the Beverly Hills Hotel’s Polo Lounge–her annual birthday bash spot–she turned to her daughter to observe with her trademark wit how silly it was that she was still around. Indeed, this beautiful white-haired, blue-eyed centenarian counts few remaining contemporaries; still, her ever-present kind smile and sense of humor remain with her.

Beverly Hills News – Beverly Hills Elder: Roger Behrstock – Businessman, Golfer, Performer

At 78, Roger Behrstock is two years shy of meeting the Courier’s age requirement to be considered a Beverly Hills Elder. But for Roger, who has spent most of his life living here, a number is way too pesky to get in the way of anything.

Beverly Hills News – Beverly Hills Elder: Dorothy Victor – A Harpist For All Seasons

At 85 years old, Dorothy Victor’s fingers work the strings of her harp with the pluck of a teenager. The sounds that pour forth are soulful and magical, transporting her audience beyond the physical realm.


Beverly Hills News – Beverly Hills Elder: Vicki Reynolds Pepper­– The Mayor Who Built The Wallis

Born in Los Angeles at Cedars of Lebanon Hospital, just like her mother, three-term Beverly Hills Mayor Vicki Reynolds forged a path that inextricably tied her to the future of the City.

Beverly Hills News – Beverly Hills Elder: Renee Firestone – Holocaust Survivor, Educator, Designer

At 91 years old, Renee Firestone said she asks herself everyday, just why she is still alive. Her white hair is a radiant crown, sheltering brilliant topaz eyes that sparkle with kindness and compassion, and she’s committed to doing what she can to make the world a better place.

Beverly Hills News – Beverly Hills Elder: Gil Seton – Attorney, Tennis Buff

Gil Seton, who celebrated his 88th birthday this week, first moved to Beverly Hills at 12 years old in an age where people still rode horses down the Rodeo Drive bridle path with stop lights few and far between.

Beverly Hills News – Beverly Hills Elders: Barbara & Morton Bowman – Family & Art

On Oct. 27, the  Barbara S. Bowman Collection of Japanese woodblock prints will make its debut at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art’s Pavilion for Japanese Art. The stunning collection of some 100 prints by masters such as Hiroshige, Katsushika Hokusai and Utagawa Kuniyoshi was a gift by the longtime Beverly Hills resident and her husband.

Beverly Hills News – Beverly Hills Elder: Lalo Schifrin – Jazz Pioneer

Unlike some of Lalo Schifrin’s most recognizable tunes, like the iconic Mission Impossible theme song currently pulsing through the ears of millions of moviegoers now taking in the franchise’s latest blockbuster, Rogue Nation, the Beverly Hills composer cannot be distilled down to one catchy phrase.

Beverly Hills News – Beverly Hills Elder: Joe Tilem, Mayor, Sailor, Lawyer

Former Beverly Hills mayor Joe Tilem is a particularly jovial man, with a memory so crisp it belies the fact that he was a child of the Great Depression.  Born in 1927 in Manhattan, New York, together with his younger brother and sister, Joe grew up working is his father’s hardware store.
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