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Beverly Hills Elder – Florence Small: Still Selling Films At 100

While the styles may have changed in the century since Florence Small made her world debut, this Beverly Hills centenarian’s penchant for a good tale remains just as strong as when she was a child.

Beverly Hills Elder – Rhea Worms: From Pittsburgh To Beverly Hills

Growing up in a small upscale neighborhood just outside of Pittsburgh, Penn., Rhea Worms never imagined just how big and glamorous the rest of the world could be. But then everything changed when her family moved out to California in the early 1940’s when she was 16, taking up residence for two months at the Ambassador Hotel before settling into an L.A. home off of Sunset.

Beverly Hills News – Beverly Hills Elder: Mitchell Libow, Man Of Steel

There’s a moment when Mitchell Libow is looking at the world that everything manages to coalesce in perfect order in a way that few people have the capacity to observe. Indeed, his skill as an engineer once yielded the biggest and most efficient granulator machine in the world.

Beverly Hills News – Beverly Hills Elder: Mitchell Flint, 20th Century Macabee

Mitchell Flint’s romance with his wife of 57 years, Joyce, began like a Shakespeare play and it all started here in Beverly Hills. His impact on Israel is a story for the ages.

Beverly Hills News – Beverly Elder: Renny Darling Klein, Cooking For The Soul

Longtime Beverly Hills resident Renny Darling Klein knows better than most just how powerful the effects of a truly good meal can be for people. Indeed, her first cookbook, The Joy Of Eating, has sold in excess of 1.2 million copies and elicited thousands of letters from grateful fans who have told her just how transformative the recipes have been for their lives.

Beverly Hills Elder: Terri Frank – 54 Years In Beverly Hills

If walls could talk, Terri Frank’s Beverly Hills home would surely impart quite the tale.  Originally built in 1927, Terri’s insists that her Beverly Hills home has been trying to communicate since she and her family moved in 54 years ago.

Beverly Hills News – Beverly Hills Elders: Renee Taylor & Joe Bologna

When Renee Taylor first set eyes on Joe Bologna, she recalled thinking: “This is the man I’m going to marry.”  Joe, for his part, wondered: “Why is this woman looking at me funny?”  In fact, it wasn’t long before the two soon paired off for a lifetime of love and a writing partnership that spawned some 20+ films and plays. Next month the two will celebrate their golden wedding anniversary, and on Sept. 20 at the Four Seasons Hotel, the two will be feted as this year’s Beverly Hills Theatre Guild honorees.

Beverly Hills News – Beverly Hills Elder: Diane Jacobs, Nazi Killer, Manicurist

At 93, 4-foot-something, and undeniably sweet, the diminutive Diane Jacobs, who has lived in Beverly Hills since 1955, does not seem like the kind of woman to shoot another human being in cold blood. But in 1938, as part of the resistance in Grunenwald, Diane successfully ended the lives of over a dozen Nazis.

Beverly Hills News – Beverly Hills Elder: Donna Ellman-Garber, Political Trailblazer, Mayor

Next Tuesday, Donna Ellman-Garber will celebrate her 90th birthday in the City she has truly grown with and helped shape. Indeed, as the second woman ever elected to the City Council, she not only helped create policies that shaped Beverly Hills, but also pioneered as a woman in a male-dominated world.

Beverly Hills News – Beverly Hills Elder: Perl Oliff, Still Hard At Work At Age 93

At 93, Perl Oliff may well be the oldest working aesthetician in Beverly Hills.

Beverly Hills News – Beverly Hills Elder Valeda Andler, Devoted Volunteer

It’s been nearly 50 years since Valeda Andler was last featured in The Courier–the first time included her working on the vegetable garden she planted in the vacant lot across the street from her Beverly Hills home. That lot, which she and her husband, Maxwell, opted not to purchase because the owner “wanted half as much for that lot as we paid for this house,” eventually became  the home of actress Loretta Young, whose kitchen wallpaper was so becoming that Valeda arranged to have the same for her own kitchen.

Beverly Hills News – Beverly Hills Elders: Fern & Bob Seizer, Sweetheart Journalists

Before marriage, Bob and Fern Seizer once each lived at their respective parents’ houses on Wetherly (she lived in the north, and he lived in the south) without ever meeting; that is, until Fern, as a UCLA freshman, became the managing editor at the Daily Bruin where Bob was already the sports columnist.

Beverly Hills News – Beverly Hills Elder: Elaine & Peter Bernard, The Movie Star Couple

For the past seven years, Elaine DuPont Bernard, 81, and Peter Bernard, 83, have shared a fulfilling life together as husband and wife. In fact, the two first met 47 years ago at the Church of the Good Shepherd, where they are still active today.

Beverly Hills News – Beverly Hills Elder: Cecile Krevoy, A Lifetime Of Laughter

It’s been a lifetime of laughter for Cecile Krevoy thanks largely in part to her marriage of 65 years to prominent Beverly Hills dentist Norman Krevoy, who died on May 25 at 90.

Beverly Hills News – Beverly Hills Elder: Fred Paulos, 90, Musician & Real Estate Mogul

It’s been 76 years since burlesque dancer Rose La Rose came onstage at the Burbank Theatre in downtown L.A. to Oklahoma’s famous tune The Surrey With The Fringe On Top while Fred Paulos played his saxophone in the pit – but it’s one memory that still remains vivid for this week’s Beverly Hills Elder.

Beverly Hills News – Beverly Hills Elder: Angel Castelo – Tango Champion, Celebrity Jeweler

As a young man growing up in Montevideo, Uruguay, Angel Castelo yearned for two things: to sculpt art with his hands and poetry through his body. Those dreams led him to Buenos Aires, where he became a professional tango dancer, earning more awards and competitions than he can recall; and, all the while, he worked as a jeweler.
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