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Citizen’s Commentary – My Letter To Rashida Tlaib

Local businesswoman invites congresswoman to spend a day with her and her daughter in Israel to "show you the amazing work going on and what is really happening outside of the media."

Mirisch: June Gloom – Yet Another Blank Check School Bond

The BHUSD Board of Education isn’t doing a particularly good job of educating our kids (the once top-ranked Beverly Hills High School is now a dismal 760th in the nation). Its boardmembers seem to be clueless about school safety and security, being forced to rely almost entirely on the BHPD (they leave school gates and doors wide open and then complain that there are no police guarding the open gates).

Hal Lifson’s Corner: Kenny Aronoff Still Rockin’ After Three Decades

Hal Lifson’s Corner: Lenny Williams A Real Life Tower Of Power

A couple months ago, I wrote about my buddy Doc Kupka, the sax man from the funk band Tower of Power.  

Hal Lifson’s Corner: Tower Of Power’s Doc Kupka Still Rockin’

Hal Lifson: ‘Jenny C’ Takes You For A Ride

Letters to the Editor – 3/24/17

As a parent of three children at Horace Mann, I attended our PTA Meeting, prompted by the news that teacher layoffs were discussed as means to budget cutting at the last school board meeting, and that both Superintendent Bregy and Board of Education President Mel Spitz would be speaking at our meeting. I have been told that 8 teachers at Horace Mann will be let go, and was very curious as to how that was being justified.  

Letters to the Editor – 2/10/17

Letters to the Editor — 1/13/17

Letters to the Editor – 11/11/16

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