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Summer Programs, Schools & Camps —School Of Rock’s Performance-Based Approach To Music Inspires, Motivates And Builds Confidence

Active Retirement—Belmont Village Offers Tips For Choosing a Senior Living Community

Finding a place that feels like home, and that can serve both current and future needs is key.

Active Retirement—Experience the Art of Inspired Living At Vintage Westwood

With tons of onsite activities and events, an exclusive resident library and fitness room, nightly film showings, continuing education lectures, healthy living workshops, and frequent day trips to local museums and other L.A. sites, there’s never a dull moment at Vintage Westwood.

Active Retirement — Welcome To Beverly Hills Carmel

The Beverly Hills Carmel retirement communities invite prospective residents to live the good life in a luxurious setting. Spacious apartments, delicious Kosher dining, fun-filled activities, and customized loving care await residents at the Carmels.

Ashley Boone Celebrates 104th Birthday at Belmont Village West Hollywood

“Everyone is curious to about his secret to a long life‚” said Tom Park, Belmont Village executive director. “His reply is simply to live a healthy life without cigarettes or alcohol." Boone added, “My life has been great and I look forward to each and every day.”

Vintage Westwood Horizons Partners With UCLA To Promote Senior Health

Vintage Westwood Horizons is teaming with UCLA to expand its mission of promoting residents’ health and well-being.

Beverly Hills News – “Walk With The Mayor” Goes to the Dogs

Walkers participating in the "Walk with the Mayor" Monday will visit the Amanda Foundation, an organization that has been rescuing animals doomed at shelters since 1976.

Beverly Hills News – 88-Year Old Florence Rhodes Takes a 5-Mile Walk with the Mayor

Beverly Hills walking enthusiasts joined Beverly Hills Mayor Lili Bosse today for a 5-mile stroll through Southeast Beverly Hills.

Beverly Hills News – Earth Day at Greystone Garden

The City of Beverly Hills hosted a ribbon-cutting for the Greystone Demonstration Garden today with Founder Barbara Linder, Mayor Lili Bosse and Vice Mayor Julian Gold.

Full Activities Calendar For ‘Vibrant Older Adults’ At Vintage Westwod Horizons

With its emphasis on active living, Vintage Westwood Horizons offers a full calendar of activities focusing on education, exercise and socialization

Improving Quality Of Life For Those With Memory Loss

Pictured: Dottie tending the flowers at a Silverado community

Good Company Offers Tips On Staying Active During Retirement

Vibrant Living At Vintage Westwood Horizons

Pictured: Vintage Westwood Horizons residents visit the California Science Center

How To know When It’s Time For Assisted Living— Belmont Village Senior Living Expert Shares Early Warning Signs

Making the decision to explore assisted living for a parent or loved one is a big step, and knowing when and how to take that step can be a challenge

Why New Diagnostic Criteria For Alzheimer’s Disease Is Important?

Pictured: Exercises done in specific ways work the mind-body connection. 

Interventional Center Helps Patients End Chronic Pain

At the Advanced Interventional Pain Center, Dr. Pattanam Srinivasan and Dr. Amit Gupta are helping patients end pain—usually chronic pain and often after countless other methods have failed.
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