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Courier In Rome – Beverly Hills City Treasurer Howard Fisher and wife Francine visited Rome and the Amalfi Coast

Beverly Hills City Treasurer Howard Fisher and wife Francine visited Rome and the Amalfi Coast, but made sure to bring along some reading material in the form of the Courier. Pictured above are the Fisher’s with the Courier at the famous St. Peter's Square in the Vatican City. To join the Fisher’s in the Carry the Courier Club, snap a photo of yourself on your next trip holding the Courier and send it to

Senior Care Provider Raya’s Paradise Set To Break Ground On New San Clemente Facility

Raya’s Paradise Offers Growing Community Of Homelike Residential Facilities, Superior In-Home Care

With a collection of cozy home-like facilities serving the Westside and Valley, attentive in-home CARE Homecare and services to make homes safe, Raya’s Paradise offers everything for the best in residential care.

Plastic Surgeon Dr. Ben Talei Adding New Holistic Spa, Hair Services To His Offerings

Dr. Talei’s philanthropic involvements include PADRES Contra el Cancer (Parents Against Cancer). He's hosting a “Yoga For A Cause”  benefit for the nonprofit, Sunday, Oct. 15 on his office’s patio with music and Yoga by Rony.

The Courier In Capri

Readers take the Courier to Italy and join the "Carry the Courier" club.

Your Health—Dr. Kenneth Fisher Uses Telemedicine To Help Patients Get A Good Night’s Sleep

“People often don’t realize how severely sleep loss can affect the way the brain works,” says Dr. Kenneth Fisher. Chronic lack of sleep can lead to memory deterioration, loss of judgment and ability to pay attention. Sleep is also essential for recovery from pain, Fisher adds.

Health & Beauty —Mojee Uses Latest Technique In Beauty To Help Clients Achieve Perfect Natural-Looking Eyebrows

Mojee Amirvand believes everyone deserves perfect eyebrows. At Permanent Makeup by Mojee, offered exclusively at Rodeo Surgical Art, she offers PhiBrows to achieve a hyper-realistic look.

Men’s Health—Technology Is Changing How Men Get Screened, Treated For Prostate Cancer

MRI fusion biopsies can effectively identify the location and extent of prostate cancers in men. HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) is an exciting new treatment approach .

Active Retirement—Belmont Village Offers Tips For Choosing a Senior Living Community

Finding a place that feels like home, and that can serve both current and future needs is key.

Health And Beauty—BH Plastic Surgeon Dr. Bruce Torkian Sees Trend Toward Ethnic Rhinoplasty

The Mectron Saw helps reduce soft tissue trauma and bruising associated with a traditional nose job. “All that adds up to a quicker and easier recovery for the patient,” Torkian says.

Managing Your Wealth—Buying And Selling Real Estate In An Election Year

The real-estate market typically rises 1.5 percent less during an election year, contrary to a non-election year.

Travel—Exclusive Expeditions Offers Boutique Travel To Cuba

During their time in Cuba, travelers will not only visit historic sites, museums and art galleries (both national and private), but also enjoy Cuban music and dance. Many itineraries also include Jewish sites, provocative meetings with leaders of the Cuban Jewish community and/or notable educators in an intimate setting as well.

Managing Your Wealth —Turning Small Business Tenants Into Buyers

The Courier In Israel

Sholeh Peyman, right, broker at Beverly Hills’ Peyman Realty & Investments, took her daughter Saman and The Courier with her on a recent trip to Israel to celebrate Saman's 15th birthday.  

Health & Beauty—Meryl Kern Starts Survivorship Program With Tower Cancer Research Foundation To Help Other Women With Breast Cancer

Luxury Living—Dr. Ben Talei Excels In The Most Natural-Looking Facelifts, Giving Back To Others

In his year and a half in Beverly Hills, Talei, at his Beverly Hills Center for Plastic & Laser Surgery,  has become the go-to surgeon for facelifts that are “extremely natural, but not so subtle that you don’t notice a difference.” Patients have friends and relatives compliment them; but they can’t tell what the client’s had done.
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